Welcome to Bannerex, the ultimate way to promote your website.

What we offer...

Free Banner Exchange

Our free banner exchange has many advantages.

  1. Get 2000 Free exposures to start you off.
  2. Not a 1 to 2 exchange rate, we give you a 1.5 to 2 so you are 50%, or much more, better off.
  3. Have multiple banners for your site.
  4. Free website promotion and advertising.
  5. Free banner design.
  6. All New Zealand sites, target your efforts
  7. Full Statistics - you are in control with up to the minute tracking.
  8. COMING SOON + Any size banner, unlimited banner sizes, style, and shapes.

Pay per click advertising

Get good quality traffic to your website.

  1. No limit to advert size or type
  2. You choose who can advertise for you and where
  3. Pre-paid budget, no surprise bills, start from only $10
  4. Reach broad audiences or target your customers
  5. Reporting tools to see how each ad is performing

Make money from your website

See Money Making Opportunities.

Use your website as an income stream by placing advertisements from Bannerex pay per click advertisers on your website. Every time someone clicks on an ad you get paid, simple, and efficient. More pay per click info.


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